Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the world of breakups: Control is power and control is peace of mind

Well I have a date with Christopher. This is a brand new boy. I met him over the weekend and we are going out on Friday. He is very cute - tall, blonde, super attractive. I met him while out of town over the weekend. Ironically, I met him because of the end of my pseudo-relationship with Derek. Had that not occurred at the exact moment it did, I would have never gone out of town by myself and would not have met Christopher. Its so funny how life's events line up as consequences of one another.

Christopher is taking me to a restaurant where I have had four first dates - none of which have resulted in a second date. I am thinking about suggesting a change in venue?

I told Derek we would speak late in the week because we are going to a charity event together on Saturday (please note my upcoming back-to-back dates). Anyway, I did not really want to speak until then. So, I already mentioned that he texted me Saturday night, which was the day we broke things off while we were both out of town - to the same town, coincidentally. Then he facebook chatted me yesterday and we talked briefly but he signed off without saying goodbye. He just sent me another text message a few minutes ago an dwe talked via text for about twenty minutes then I asked him how his day was and he never answered.

This should be fine with me because I wanted a little break from talking to him, some time to think about things and transition from what we were to a friendship. But it tugs at my emotions when he starts a conversation with me then goes MIA, without ending it. Its because he has the control. And I want to be the one in control.

Control gives you power and control gives you peace in a breakup. So I really like to be the one with the control. So far I'm feeling good with this decision and feeling that we are doing the right thing, but at moments like that, when he has all the power, I start to get second thoughts.


  1. You show him who will wear the pants should this turn into a relationship, Emma! Hehehehe...

  2. Like I said in one of my posts, everything happens for a reason.

    And it sounds like you're the one in control. Because it's Derek who keeps coming back; it's him who starts the conversation. I think you don't have to worry about who has the power. (: